Barbara Kennedy, Candidate for Berne NY Highway SuperintendentMy name is Barbara Kennedy, and I am running for Highway Superintendent. I worked for General Electric for thirteen years. I worked maintenance, facilitated turbine and generator shipping, and supervised a team of maintenance workers.

One thing I learned from my work there is the importance of safety. I know and adhered to OSHA safety protocols. I understand the importance of making certain those protocols are met, and that the best way to do that is with careful supervision.

I was born in East Berne and still live in the home of my great, great grandparents. I work their farm, where I raise American quarter horses. My Grandfather taught me how to change the oil in lawnmowers, and how to care for and maintain equipment starting when I was eight years old. He set me on my path through life, and General Electric sealed it.

Berne Working Together means that when my team is working, I’ll be in Berne, supervising, advising and assessing operations. It means I will listen to my team, the residents needing help, and will be available to address all of their concerns.

My reason for running for Highway Superintendent is simple. I want to see safety and supervision returned to the Department. I want projects completed according to safety standards, and I want our residents’ concerns listened to and addressed. There will be no neglect under my supervision.

I want to develop highway garage protocols for greater safety and productivity. It is clear that the Highway Department needs greater oversight and direction. I know what it’s like to run a department. I’ve lived it, worked it, and know how it should be done. It’s a serious job with serious consequences if it’s not done right. I’ll do it right.

– Barbara Kennedy

No charges filed against Berne highway super candidate after investigation
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“Albany County Sheriff’s Office also investigated the claims, and the lack of charges stemming from the investigation provides a strong and clear signal: Kennedy is innocent…”


Berne highway super candidate accused of animal abuse despite contrary evidence
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“Some of the photos posted are actually evidence of Kennedy’s caretaking, not abuse.”

The accusations on Facebook are just a nasty and false attack
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“Bandaged horses are not necessarily signs of abuse, but more likely signs of care. The accusations on Facebook are just a nasty and false attack. They are not true.”


Barbara-Kennedy is endorsed by NY Working Families Party
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