Berne Working Together - 2021 Democratic Candidates for Berne, NY

Berne, NY Democrats Launch Candidate Platform Website, “Berne Working Together”

Berne Democratic Committee launches a new website,, which highlights information about all 2021 Democratic town candidates, the platform on which they’re running, and their policies for implementing it.

BERNE, NY, September 1, 2021 – includes information on all town Democratic candidates including their goals if elected, their reasons for running, information about their qualifications, and what “Berne Working Together” means to each of them.

The offices they are hoping to fill are town supervisor, three town board seats, town clerk, highway superintendent, tax collector, assessor, and two town justices.

In this highly polarized time in our nation’s politics, the Berne Democrats state on their website that they “believe that Berne deserves to have its elected town officials return to showing respect for law, dignity, and the citizens of our wonderful town.”

They say that this motivation comes from their own personal desires to bring Berne back to respect for, and transparency in, their local government, and compliance with town laws and regulations.

The last two years saw closed meetings, bids not being made public, concern with the expenditures of town finances, the disbanding of citizen committees and the removal of volunteers without notice, and the illegal termination of town employees – all under the control of town Republicans. On July 31 of this year on the Berne Republican Party’s Facebook page, they maliciously and publicly referred to a member of the Berne Planning Board as “the town drunk.”

Peggy Christman, candidate for town supervisor and former NY state trooper for over 26 years said, “when asked to run for Supervisor in the town of Berne, I felt I had to do whatever I could to return us to a more decent and responsive town government. A return to public service was a way to effect change.”

This race will determine the future of Berne. The Democratic candidates state that they are committed to principled leadership, community strength, cohesion, fairness, and the return of respect and participation by all members of the town. Their new website details just how they intend to do that with their policies and their full platform.

Jennifer Merrill-Fuller, the candidate for one of the town board seats described it best when she said, “Berne Working Together is our motto and to me, it simply means all of us doing our part to make Berne a better place.”

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