We believe in, and will promote:

Principled Leadership:

  • Adhere to the rule of law,
  • Protect the values of inclusion and tolerance,
  • Ensure open, transparent, and accountable governance,
  • Lead with purpose to strengthen and grow our community,
  • Respect the right of all citizens to be heard, and
  • Treat all 2800 residents with dignity and respect 

Comprehensive Land Use Planning:

  • Protect and preserve our open spaces and rural beauty,
  • Protect and preserve our agricultural resources,
  • Develop policies that protect and enhance the environment, public health, and landowners’ rights,
  • Foster collaborative stewardship of our natural resources,
  • Increase access to our parks,
  • Seek active citizen participation when developing land-use policies, and
  • Adhere to the current Comprehensive Plan

A Stronger Rural and Agricultural Economy:

  • Foster programs that protect and enhance family farms,
  • Create and expand local food markets,
  • Encourage home businesses,
  • Promote environmentally sustainable agriculture,
  • Support broadband infrastructure to make businesses more competitive,
  • Support entrepreneurship and small business growth,
  • Harness the economic and social potential of our public parks, and
  • Develop Switzkill Farm to foster economic development through eco-tourism

Sound Fiscal Management:

  • Actively solicit investment to increase the tax base of the town,
  • Engage in the prudent and wise expenditure of taxpayer monies,
  • Ensure new spending and taxes are offset,
  • Solicit grants to fund programs, projects, and improvements,
  • Ensure use of public funds is transparent and available to public scrutiny, and
  • Establish the position of Economic Development Officer to seek and advance opportunities for economic advancement

Community Strength and Cohesion:

  • Respect, acknowledge, and consider differences of perspective and opinion,
  • Pledge to work together for the greater good,
  • Honor citizens’ service to the town,
  • Commit to programs serving the disadvantaged and the elderly,
  • Expand recreational opportunities for our residents,
  • Support efforts to provide income appropriate senior housing,
  • Support and increase services for our senior citizens,
  • Inventory and solicit residents’ expertise for programs and projects,
  • Support, encourage, and strengthen volunteer involvement, and
  • Support all of our local businesses

We are the 2021 Democratic Candidates for the town of Berne, NY:
Peggy Christman – Candidate for Town Supervisor
Tim Lippert – Candidate for Town Board Councilman
Jennifer Merrill-Fuller – Candidate for Town Board Councilwoman
Patrick Martin – Candidate for Town Board Councilman
Jean Guarino – Candidate for Town Clerk
Melanie Bunzey – Candidate for Assessor
Debra Flagler – Candidate for Tax Collector
Barbara Kennedy – Candidate for Highway Superintendent
Hon. Albert E. Raymond – Candidate for Town Judge
Hon. Alan Zuk – Candidate for Town Judge

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