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The accusations on Facebook are just a nasty and false attack
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“Bandaged horses are not necessarily signs of abuse, but more likely signs of care. The accusations on Facebook are just a nasty and false attack. They are not true.”

I know this campaign was meant to smear me, by Jean Guarino
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“Over the past few months, since my Democratic candidacy for town clerk was announced, there have been veiled threats directed towards me. For the past few weeks particularly, from a Republican-biased, anonymous Facebook source, they alluded to court records from my past…”

Facebook posts on candidate’s arrest don’t tell the whole story
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“…it does not appear that Guarino was responsible for the crimes committed, which is reflected in her treatment by the court.”

Berne highway super candidate accused of animal abuse despite contrary evidence
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“Some of the photos posted are actually evidence of Kennedy’s caretaking, not abuse.”

Berne, NY Democrats Launch Candidate Platform Website, “Berne Working Together”
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Berne Democratic Committee launches a new website, BerneNYDemocrats.com, which highlights information about all 2021 Democratic town candidates, the platform on which they’re running, and their policies for implementing it.

People want a local government that focuses on issues, by Peggy Christman
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“Our team’s focus is now on meeting as many people as possible by visiting our neighbors door-to-door. We want to learn your concerns and your ideas for our town going forward.”

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