Jean Guarino at Podium
Jean Guarino, Candidate for Town Clerk

My name is Jean Guarino, and I am excited for the opportunity to run for Town Clerk for the Town of Berne. My husband, myself, and my two youngest children (I say youngest, they’re now both adults!) are in our 5th year residing in Berne. We moved from Long Island early in 2017 and have never looked back. For those of you who may not know me, here’s a little bit about myself.

Since spending the first few years of my adult life in the US Army, I’ve held professional roles as a Head Chef and Personal Chef, I’ve even owned my own catering company. I spent some time as a Medical Biller, Office Manager, Auditor, Town of Berne Youth Director, and most recently, a year as Deputy Town Clerk for the Town of Berne. Knowing the task ahead of me, combined with my management and organizational experience working individually and collaborating with a team, will serve me well as Town Clerk.

“Berne working together means treating people with respect; with no hate, no prejudice, and no cruelty to each other, listening to our neighbors and being the best person that I can be.”

My volunteer efforts are just as varied as my professional ones. It’s something that’s always been in my veins. Other than being the soccer/baseball/basketball/dance mom – which, you may know is a full-time job in itself – I’ve spent time teaching Sunday School and Preschool; an Assistant Scoutmaster while my son was in the Boy Scouts, and currently serving as a Deacon and Council President at Helderberg Evangelical Lutheran Church. Most recently, at the start of the pandemic, I co-founded A Hug From the Hilltowns food pantry, delivering and distributing food to those in the hilltowns, and beyond. This organization has taken off to now include Hugs Homestead, our community garden, and Hugs Farmer’s Market.

These are all facts; positions I’ve held and things I’ve done, to provide some background as to who I am, and why I should be the next Town Clerk, but like everyone, there’s more to the story. I’ve also been the single parent, working to making ends meet while raising 3 perfectly imperfect children before I met my husband. We’ve struggled, had our ups and downs, but who hasn’t? Having seen both sides of the table, in and out of Town Hall, I look forward to serving the people of Berne with clarity, accessibility, efficiency, and fairness.

– Jean Guarino

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Jean Guarino, Candidate for Town Clerk in Berne-NY
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