The Town of Berne Democratic candidates will work towards and implement these policies. We will:
  1. Adhere to the provisions of the NYS Open Meetings Law,
  2. Ensure residents of Berne are aware of town business, its initiatives, and decisions that result in town policies,
  3. Ensure all official acts are in compliance with relevant town ordinances, federal, and state laws,
  4. Treat all town elected officials, employees, residents, and volunteers with dignity, respect, and honesty,
  5. Actively seek participation by residents in all significant matters that directly affect the town of Berne,
  6. Follow strict standards of fiscal responsibility and budget oversight,
  7. Will work to build a community of neighbors working with neighbors,
  8. Support local businesses, encourage volunteerism, and host community events,
  9. Will update the Town Comprehensive Plan with extensive participation by residents, and
  10. Develop an effective roadmap for the future of Berne

The current Berne Town Board is composed of Republicans and one Democrat. This Board has waged a campaign of partisan politics that severely limited public participation in Town Board meetings, failed to meet requests from residents for information, and operated with a total lack of transparency. Qualified, long-serving employees and volunteers were fired or not re-hired simply because they were not Republicans. However, the most disturbing failure of this Board has been their failure to provide the residents of Berne with an effective Town government that treats all residents, regardless of party affiliation, with respect and honesty.

Come read our full platform that speaks in detail about what we will do for Berne.