Tim Lippert, Candidate for Berne, NY Town BoardMy name is Tim Lippert. After outgrowing our property in Rensselaerville, I moved to Berne with my partner Scott in 2006 to expand our growing farming ventures. We purchased Crosby Farm in Partridge Run, naming it for the frontiersman that began picking rock here in 1790, forging an agricultural existence on its marginal soils. Berne’s natural beauty and resources were an additional draw for us.

I started my land use experience in Rensselaerville in 1992 as a member of their Planning Board and was appointed to the Berne Planning Board immediately upon arrival in town. I’ve moved to the Building and Zoning Department in the past nine years, holding the office of Building Inspector in Berne, Rensselaerville, and New Scotland. I have contributed to the writing of two Comprehensive Plans, in both R’ville and Berne.

Berne working together means residents have input in and access to their local government and officials where they can build long-term relationships that are respected and admired.

I am very active in the local libraries, community centers, and of course Town Hall. I’ve attended most Town Board meetings and offered my two cents when appropriate.

Earlier in my career, I traveled extensively throughout Europe and the Middle East, landing in the Helderbergs to which I now call home.

I look forward to participating in current events in the Hilltowns and contributing to local government as I near retirement.

– Tim Lippert

Tim Lippert, is endorsed by Working Families Party
The Working Families Party Endorses Tim Lippert for Town Board